Run a user generated screensaver from Firefox


  • High quality photos and transitions
  • User generated images


  • Relies on users keeping it updated

Very good

FoxSaver started life as a FireFox add-on that runs idle in FireFox and displays user generated pictures as your screensaver.

With FoxSaver, you can either choose to share pictures with others, use your own pictures or a combination of both. To add a photo to the user database is easy once you've installed it. Simply right-click on any picture you like, and choose "Recommend it to FoxSaver", fill in a few details and you're done.

All of the photos that are accepted are high quality stunning images so you're guaranteed that you won't get any old rubbish images from someone's PC. The transitions are slick and you can control the cycle with your mouse going back and forth. The great thing about FoxSaver is that you're always guaranteed a new photo or screensaver as long as users keep updating it.

FoxSaver is a great innovation in screensaving options - putting users in the driving seat - although it does rely on users keeping it constantly updated to maintain quality.




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